6 Most Common Coil Mistakes

Hello to all my ‘Vape EmpWARRIORS’ (I think that name is going to stick!)

One of the most common situations we see are customers going through coils quicker than they should be.

For any of you that are super new to vaping, a coil (also known as a atomizer or burner) is the smaller piece that screws into your tank, normally at the base, which heats up and turns your liquid into vapor. They come in a variety of sizes, resistance/ohms, and types (dual/single/vertical etc). Depending on a number or factors you should average 3 weeks out of a coil. (lower when using high-sugar content eJuice)

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Learning to Vape

HOW TO VAPE - It takes at least 72 hours to learn to vape properly, so buckle down for the long haul. Vaping is more like smoking a cigar. You inhale to first fill up your mouth with vapor, not taking any in your lungs. When your mouth is full of vapor you inhale comfortably and blow out. Imagine yourself pretending to smoke with a lit cigarette. You fill up your mouth with smoke, not inhaling, then blow it out. (Clinton Style “I didn’t inhale”) Vaping is the same technique, but once the mouth is full, you take the device away, then quickly inhale and exhale. By slowly filling up your mouth with vapor before inhaling, it’s takes the bite away that makes you cough.